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Message  VRSS   All    Prince changed his name to ... whatever that was, now Roger Dalt    April 23, 2021
 5:41 AM 
Message  VRSS   All    Bali Bali oxygen-free [Followup]    April 23, 2021
 5:05 AM 
Message  VRSS   All    Iowa Man sentenced for criminal irony [Ironic]    April 23, 2021
 4:20 AM 
Message  VRSS   All    Unlike in normal years, students are looking forward to summer s    April 23, 2021
 3:45 AM 
Message  VRSS   All    This firefighter's career was over before it started [Sad]    April 23, 2021
 2:25 AM 
Message  VRSS   All    Maybe Tom Hanks is available. "Terminal" meets "Captain Phillips    April 23, 2021
 1:05 AM 
Message  VRSS   All    Hialeah traffic cops fill their ticket quotas. By writing ticket    April 23, 2021
 12:41 AM 
Message  VRSS   All    Cocaine shmocaine, or words to that effect [Misc]    April 23, 2021
 12:05 AM 
Message  VRSS   All    Fine. I'll just create my own lottery with blackjack and hookers    April 22, 2021
 11:41 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Richard Nixon's nine-bedroom "Western White House" where he retr    April 22, 2021
 11:05 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Remember to count your kids [Scary]    April 22, 2021
 10:45 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    COVID  Us [News]    April 22, 2021
 10:12 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    If it works for San Francisco, might as well try it in the UK [F    April 22, 2021
 9:26 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Google Argentina done screwed up [Awkward]    April 22, 2021
 9:02 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Head of crocodile shot by Prince Philip to be sold for 5,100 at    April 22, 2021
 8:38 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Black Minnesota man says "When I see a squad car behind me, my h    April 22, 2021
 8:29 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Not news: A school district has adopted a new gender-neutral dre    April 22, 2021
 8:14 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Check out this beautiful home just a stone's throw from Big Gunp    April 22, 2021
 7:59 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Army Research Laboratory working on giving robots living muscle    April 22, 2021
 7:26 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Want a COVID-19 vaccination? Come play the slots at West Virgini    April 22, 2021
 7:02 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    8:30pm Eastern - it's the Fark News Livestream, Terrorist Honey    April 22, 2021
 7:00 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Photoshop these storks [Photoshop]    April 22, 2021
 7:00 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    No, you can't have a pony. Not yours. Unless you're Lady Louise.    April 22, 2021
 6:34 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    COVID didn't shut down everything. The moths loved it. The Getty    April 22, 2021
 6:22 PM 
Message  VRSS   All    Young girl gets stuck inside arcade claw machine, but thanks to    April 22, 2021
 6:11 PM 
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