AT2k Design BBS Post-It! Network v2.5
Post-It! Network v2.5 for VADV - An enhanced VBBS-style oneliner program for Virtual Advanced. It is unique since the posts are networked with other BBS's.

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Post-It! Network
From: ka3bvj at AT2k Design BBS (13@1*1):
Packet Radio is on its way back>
From: Dougal at AT2k Design BBS (93@1*1):
Hi from Malta Connected here using Commodore Amiga 1200
From: MARIOM990 at AT2k Design BBS (15@1*1):
Hello people! Amiga 500 rev. 8A here!!
From: jahmas at Mysteria Majicka (1@1410000*1):
Will trade cannabis for toilet paper!
From: loggio at AT2k Design BBS (23@1*1):
Hello all! My very first BBS experience ever! I'm using my A1000 with HC533 accelerator card with a Dual kick ROM switcher running 1.3 and 3.1.
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