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From: Steve Winn
Subject: Important Menu Information
Date: September 25, 2000  7:15 PM
You may scroll through the options by pressing your arrow keys or your
numeric keypad. The numeric keypad is a better choice because it is a little
bit faster to move around, than the arrow keys. You can press 'Enter' to
execute any option.

There are many hotkeys that are also enabled on the BBS. You may press 'H' at
any menu to see what the global hotkeys are. You can also view the listing of
hotkeys in our bulletin section. If you are used to other BBSs or VBBS, then
most of the keys you would use there apply on this BBS.

There are now the 'old fashioned' type menus available on the BBS. It is very
simple to understand and to use. If you need any help using these menus, be
sure to email me.

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