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From: Steve Winn
Subject: Internet Email Information
Date: September 27, 2006  1:34 PM
This is information regarding your Internet email account on this BBS. The
following is the current and continuing practice of this system. This policy
has not changed.

All Internet email entering the system undergoes several filters. Any email
coming from a server that is found to be listed in a DNSBL database is
deleted immediately. Email is then scanned by our spam filter. Any email
found to be spam is labelled as such in the headers and subject. The BBS SMTP
server will delete any email that has been found to be labelled as spam.

These filters help control the amount of unwanted emails that could be
targeting your BBS email account.

If you would like for your account to be flagged so email marked as spam can
pass through to your mailbox, then email me (user #1) letting me know.

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