Enter a name that you wish to use to login to the system. This name will also be what you are referred as while using the system. You may use your real name if you choose to do so.

Your password can be up to eight characters in length. You will be asked for it when attempting to login the system. Make your password something that is not guessable that contains both numbers and letters. You will have to enter the password twice in order to verify that it is what you want.

Real Name
Enter your real name. If invalid or false information is given, the account could be suspended or deleted.

Enter your street address.

Enter the city in which you are currently living.

Enter the state or province that you are currently living.

Zip Code
Enter your zip code.

Phone Number
Enter your telephone number including area code.

Fax/Data Number
Enter your fax or data line telephone number including area code.

Enter your birthdate in the format MM/DD/YYYY. This is used to verify your age.