Aspect Technologies is a name I conceived in 1996 to serve as my association with the BBS community. Before that I used names such as NeXuS (1993-1994), DOMINION (1994-1995), and Raven Technologies (1995-1996). During these time spans I released many scripts to help support this software. I did not actually create and run my own BBS until 1999 when I returned to the BBS scene.

People often ask me why I continue to use Virtual Advanced since it no longer is in developement by the author. I still use the software because I have found no other BBS software superior. While, yes, I am limited to running the BBS in DOS (or OS/2), I have complete control of what my board looks like, and feels like. I have the ability to change all prompts, and displays. Plus, with the VScript language I can create new utilities, and rewrite the default ones.

If you are new to this software, then I want you to know that I'm not the author of it. I just really enjoy the software.

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