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Virtual Advanced is still considered an "advanced" BBS software even today!

While its true that Virtual Advanced (VADV) is no longer being supported by its author, it can be seen now exactly how advanced it was years ago. Modern BBS software has only recently implemented many of the features that VADV has had for years.

Simplicity - Virtual Advanced and its predecessor (the Virtual Bulletin Board System) have always been easy to install and configure. Even if you have had no experience in the past with configuring a bulletin board program, Virtual Advanced is easier than most others available.

Features - In order to be named "advanced", you must have advanced features. Virtual Advanced has had many features that other BBS software is now just adding. These are features such as Internet accessibility, multiple network compatibility with seamless gating, and a powerful script language.

You can connect your BBS with most Internet daemons, so your users can do things like send and receive Internet email, chat on IRC networks, and read/reply to Internet newsgroups. VADV also allows your users, if you choose, to dial through your BBS to access the Internet directly - so you could act as your own ISP for your users!

Virtual Advanced can be configured for networks such as VirtualNet, FidoNET, WWIVnet, QWKnet, UUCP and NNTP. You can also gate message subs between the different networks without any confusing processes (you just change one option). You can even setup your own Internet mailing list using VADV too!

A powerful scripting language (VScript) is the backbone of the BBS architecture. Because the BBS was written around the scripting language, you are able to completely change almost every aspect of the software! VScript teamed with the included VString utility, you can make the software look and feel like anything your mind can come up with.

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