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VADV32 v6.0, VMail 2.0 and VTIC v1.11 has been released!

VADV32 contains new features such as "action" statistics, improvements to the database configuration and country restrictions, and fixes for several issues. See the history file for a full list of changes.

VMail has a new main interface and user editor.

VADV32 v5.4 and VRSS v2.1 have been released today!

VADV32 has new screen capture options by pressing F12 from the main window. I've also added reverse proxy options which will change tcpip.cfg appropriately so that users can be shown hostnames you choose. RTBBSList will now accept https URLs.

VRSS was updated to allow https URLs.

VADV32 v5.3 has been released. There were just some minor fixes and a Netfoss update. Enjoy!

VADV32 v5.2 has been released today. It supports the new Captcha script which helps block telnet bots from entering your BBS. The Captcha script is available from the script section of this website. Also added was a new editor for IP binding and it also allows port numbers. This is so you can run your BBS on multiple ports or custom situations. Happy New Year!

VADV32 v5.1 has been released to fix a issue with daily backup as well as the active minute counter. The log will now show which DNSBL server did the IP blocking.

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