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VIRC32 - Connecting You to the World

What is VIRC32?
VIRC32 is an IRC client for Virtual Advanced.

VIRC32 was created to replace the VAIRC VISK utility. There were a few problems with VAIRC. First, it required you to load multiple instances of the program - one for each node of the BBS. Second, it would not work with some IRC servers. VIRC32 fixes both of these problems and adds more features.

VIRC32 runs in the background of your system and automatically detects when it needs to become active. Your users simply go into your teleconference area on your BBS and invoke the "/I" command to enter IRC mode. They will then select a server to connect to from a listing that you configure. VIRC32 then takes over and handles the connections.

VIRC32 adds more features and abilities such as proper action handling, useful server messaging, extended logging, global server commands and more.

Latest Version
  • Current Release (1.3.100604)
  • IRC Client for Virtual Advanced.
  • Works with Windows 2000 and above.
  • Allow your users to chat with other users all over the world.
  • No setup involved.
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