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What is VSMTP32?
VSMTP32 is a RFC compliant SMTP server specially designed for Virtual Advanced. In short, it will allow your users to send and receive Internet email.

VSMTP32 was created to replace the POP3 and SMTP VISK utilities. These two utilities accomplish the same task but in an entirely different manner. They required you to setup and run (or have access to) a mail server that supported maildrops (saving email to multiple users into one POP3 account). First, it was difficult to find a free mail server that supported this and second, many SysOps did not like the hassel of setting up and maintaining a mail server.

VSMTP32 is very easy to add to your existing Virtual Advanced bulletin board system. Once you have setup the Internet configuration within Virtual Advanced, you just run VSMTP32 and let it do it's thing.

Don't let VSMTP32's simplicity fool you. It also offers many advanced features that you normally would only find in expensive commercial products. Some of its features include multiple domains, aliases, mail forwarding, message filtering, relay database (DNSBL) support and Win32 SpamAssassin support.

Latest Version
  • Current Release (2.6.100604)
  • RFC compliant SMTP server for Virtual Advanced.
  • Works with Windows 2000 and above.
  • Supports user aliases and mail forwarding.
  • Reduce SPAM with DNSBL and SpamAssassin support.
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