While it is true that the actual bulletin board software is no longer in development by its author, VADV does have an active third-party development program.

We can continue to improve on the existing software by rewriting its external utilities, adding new utilities, and creating new possibilities. Many of the products on this site were created as a solution for a problem given by a SysOp.

More developers need to give some of their time to help create solutions and continue making this software better. If you would like to help, then please contact me.

AT2k Product Source Code

Most product source code is available to the public. You can get more information on the source code page.

Virtual Advanced CFG/DAT Documentation

These are the documented findings of the format of the Virtual Advanced CFG, DAT, and BIN files that the BBS uses to do everything. You will find that I have shown the positions of this information and how to access it. This is very useful when creating any kind of VADV application!

 Updated: 02-16-07  (32KB)
 MD5: a4e1c6dc71496d8e4c18ad331892e8d6

You Can Help!
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