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Virtual Advanced - Get the files needed to setup your own Virtual Advanced BBS.

VADV32 - Add this to your setup and your BBS will accept calls via telnet. Also allows you to setup and run your BBS from Windows.

VSMTP32 - Allow your users to send and receive email over the Internet. A fully compliant SMTP server that has advanced features usually found only on expensive commercial mail servers.

VIRC32 - This no-setup program will let your users chat on any configured IRC server. A great way to network your teleconference area with multiple BBSs.

VADV-PHP - Get the latest files to put your VADV BBS on the web. Requires a web server with PHP installed.

Ports - These are programs which have been designed to replace existing VADV applications.

Utilities - These are miscellaneous utilities that were developed to make working with VADV easier. Most of these programs are DOS utilities written in QuickBasic.

V32 Update

V32 Update is the auto-update notification program that is included with the V32 applications. If you are missing this application or need to manually update it, then grab it here.

Get V32 Update

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