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To download the files, please right click the download link and choose "Save Target As..."

Latest Build - The most current file you can get and is the version being used on the AT2k Design BBS. The download is the VSMTP32 executable, which is copied over your existing one. By downloading and using this file, you agree to the VSMTP32 license agreement. It is highly recommended that you backup your BBS before using this file. Use at your own risk!

Note: If you install a latest build and you get an error, then please download the latest release and install it. The latest build might require additional files that are installed with the release.

VSMTP32.EXE  x.x.100604  (252KB)  History
    MD5: f54f4cdb416489cb1ea810ec8b33907c

Beta Releases - A beta release is a complete VSMTP32 archive that contains beta code that was sent out for testing. This code is now available for the general public to download and use.

No current beta releases are available for download.

Official Releases - You may download older releases of VSMTP32 below.

VSMTP32_2.6.100604.ZIP  (1.85MB)
    MD5: 02c4d144487d0efaed636b79e0e47d9f
VSMTP32_2.6.100101.ZIP  (1.78MB)
    MD5: 891b8dbb0a0c1f4223fe8402980dd404
VSMTP32_2.5.090620.ZIP  (1.8MB)
    MD5: b764ebe7d5e9945350b57eaf7c53fb2f
VSMTP32_2.4.080806.ZIP  (1.75MB)
    MD5: af81117bcc2a529d42081cb5a0baf0da
VSMTP32_2.4.080721.ZIP  (1.75MB)
    MD5: 93bafe9dfd7fed2d38e2fdf6a49da6c5
VSMTP32_2.3.080122.ZIP  (1.75MB)
    MD5: 791f4d5ede4df97c0a80a8b5f5985b29
VSMTP32_2.3.071220.ZIP  (1.75MB)
    MD5: 462945557f09849f6ed69dbd3cf3a5a9
VSMTP32_2.2.070611.ZIP  (1.76MB)
    MD5: 65b22c53843671c0f7c13a3aefc75e8e
VSMTP32_2.1.070302.ZIP  (1.76MB)
    MD5: 89ad8e485fcc4375de159febebbe75c7
VSMTP32_2.0.061206.ZIP  (1.71MB)
    MD5: 1a7617c2798a07913f3dd1baeeaf88bc
VSMTP32_1.5.061118.ZIP  (1.69MB)
    MD5: 8ce359c29a8d98bb83f9664432e1de69
VSMTP32_1.5.061018.ZIP  (1.69MB)
    MD5: e346cac40ff2d85b126d5940b40b05d3
VSMTP32_1.4.060905.ZIP  (1.69MB)
    MD5: 81c674115d2d64faf542827e7bb90768
VSMTP32_1.4.060711.ZIP  (1.68MB)
    MD5: c9cf71f846446c82660f70263611044e
VSMTP32_1.3.060615.ZIP  (1.67MB)
    MD5: 1ecd7692429c0150565dcba349e57739
VSMTP32_1.2.060402.ZIP  (1.66MB)
    MD5: 8256cd58c206448a763a1933977f3137
VSMTP32_1.2.060118.ZIP  (1.66MB)
    MD5: 5000dc90ff0a2c4bed4b685b77dd0cdf
VSMTP32_1.1.051212.ZIP  (1.66MB)
    MD5: f866e59e615cc1294cca80ae1b7efb27
VSMTP32_1.1.051208.ZIP  (1.66MB)
    MD5: 0645140e9e1f2dc5622e0e8f4c3fef57
VSMTP32_1.0.051122.ZIP  (1.65MB)
    MD5: c0e2691f6a5694c65acb979ba142f1a3
VSMTP32_1.0.051120.ZIP  (1.65MB)
    MD5: a5ea95c3cddde44e12420f4f28f4eaa4
VSMTP32_1.0.051116.ZIP  (1.65MB)
    MD5: f0a8dbdf99b58e907213e69701bce9e6

Release Information

Latest Build - This is the most current build of VSMTP32. You simply copy it over your existing executable to upgrade. This release could have problems, but contains the absolute latest features and fixes.

Beta Releases - Code sent out to beta testers for feedback. Minor problems are possible as well as cosmetic glitches. The recommended release to use.

Official Releases - Tested code with minimal amount of bugs. These releases could be months behind the beta release.

VSMTP32 History

View the complete version history of VSMTP32, including the most up-to-date changes.

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