Getting Started

If you are looking to setup a new VADV bulletin board system, then this is where you should begin. This page contains the files needed to bring your BBS to life!

The files below are the latest package versions of the respected products.

Virtual Advanced v2.10 (Windows Installer)

This is the DOS version of Virtual Advanced. This package contains a Windows installer for easy installation.

Download VA210W32.ZIP
 File: VA210W32.ZIP
 Updated: 05-08-21  (0.96MB)
 MD5: 9b22a47a26173618e8bfb626f249e38d

VADV32 v6.0.201121

The latest version of VADV32, the telnet server for Virtual Advanced.

Download VADV32_6.0.201121.ZIP
 File: VADV32_6.0.201121.ZIP
 Updated: 11-21-20  (3.06MB)  History
 MD5: b07577ae7dee55f5a9fe3ee299348b3a

PKZip v2.04g

By default, VADV uses PKZip 2.04g as its archiver. You can use VADV32 to setup any modern archiver, but it is recommended that pkzip.exe and pkunzip.exe are still available in your path for any programs that rely on them.

Download pkz204g.exe
 File: pkz204g.exe
 Updated: 08-03-93  (197KB)
 MD5: bb986de2ecd33b229432bd330ae274e7

You Can Help!
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