Welcome to the Virtual Advanced (VADV) support center.

This site is dedicated to the support and development of the Virtual Advanced bulletin board system. If you do not know what a bulletin board system (BBS) is, then view it's wikipedia entry.

Virtual Advanced is no longer in active development by its author but that has not stopped me from writing new applications to improve or extend its functionality. This site contains many programs that are still being actively developed. Suggestions are welcome.

If you are new and want to start a new BBS, then grab the essentials first: Virtual Advanced and VADV32. This will allow you to setup a customized system which has Internet connectivity. You can then add VSMTP32 to allow your users to send and receive Internet email and add VIRC32 so they can chat with other people all over the world. If you want a web presence, then install VADV-PHP onto your web server and your users can access most functions using their web browser!

Inside, you will find everything you need to setup a new BBS. So let's get moving!

You Can Help!
If you find these programs useful, you can show your support by donating - even a small amount. To help out, click the PayPal button below.

Start Developing!

You can help develop new programs such as utilities and networking applications for Virtual Advanced! For more information, visit the Development page.

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