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VADV32 v5.0 has been released! This is a major upgrade with all new GUI enhancements and many new features! It is highly recommended that you upgrade by running the full installer since it needs to install several new files.

V32 Update, VCleanDB, VMail and VTIC have all been updated with minor updates as well.

VADV-PHP v2.1 has been released with several bug fixes!

View the history.txt for each program for more information on what has changed.

TelView v1.8 has been released to fix issues caused by the new formats of the Telnet BBS List. This is a VADV script which will automatically download the BBS listing each month. Users can easily view the listing as well as search for keywords. The script is available on the AT2k Design BBS: TV18-VA.ZIP

I updated the Development Emulators to version 1.1. They now will show socket information that may be useful.

VADV32 v4.8 and VMail 1.10 have both been released today. Netfoss v1.12 is included with this version of VADV32 along with other improvements.

The online VADV32 documentation has been updated to version 4.7 with new screenshots. If you notice anything missing or something that needs more detail, let me know.

The website is now enforcing SSL encryption. You do not need to do anything different to access the site. If you notice any issues, please let me know.

VADV32 v4.7 has been released. It contains many new user connection controls as well as caching enhancements. This version also reverts Netfoss to 1.10a.

VMail v1.9 has also been released which fixes the amount of message refreshing performed.

VADV32 v4.6 has been released along with Netfoss 1.11. This release contains many additions and fixes from the past year. It will allow multiple instances to be ran from the same computer. The included programs have also been updated to allow multiple instances.

Several updates have been released today. First, V32Update v2.6 is available. It contains new code to fix ftp downloading issues plus you can now download all of the V32 utilities through it even if you have not installed them previously.

Also updated is VRSS v2.0. It will now keep track of previously downloaded articles and add to the database (instead of recreating it). It also contains fixes for encoding issues.

All of the V32 utilities have been recompiled and repackaged to be included with V32Update. No new features were added to them.

VTIC v1.8 has been released. It adds replace functionality for better FIDOnet compatibility.

VPost v1.8 was also released which allows posting with an alternate handle.

At last I have released VADV-PHP v2.0 as an official release. It has been mostly frozen in development but has proven stable for a long time. I do not recommend installing it over an existing installation but rather extract it into a new folder. The configuration file can be copied over from v1.x.

VADV32 v4.5 has been released as well with some fixes over the past year.

I have released Development Emulators v1.0 today. This package includes utilities useful in testing socket applications while they are in the development phase. Included are the client and server emulators - completely redesigned.

VADV32 v4.4 has been released with Netfoss v1.03. This releases fixes an issue with the today's callers listing introduced in the previous version. It also contains an important fix regarding how it handled node tracking.

VADV32 v4.3 has been released. It fixes a few issues that remained from the previous version. Also new multiple resolution icons have been added for a better appearance.

VFileSyn v2.6 has also been released with added support for textfile file_id.diz.

I have released a new utility named VPurge which will help you remove user accounts automatically. It is a port of the original utility written by Richard Glidden.

VADV32 v4.2 is now available. It fixes a few items from the previous version.

Lots of updates for the new year! VADV32 v4.1 is available with Netfoss v1.01. VADV32 has a lot of changes and it is recommended you upgrade as soon as possible. I suggest you use the installer to upgrade since the new version of Netfoss is required.

VIRC32 v1.3 is available, which is the first release in years!

VSMTP32 v2.6, VCleanDb v2.2 and VMail v1.7 have new features and bug fixes. V32Update v2.4, VFileSyn v2.5 and VRSS v1.8 had a window bug fixed.

The Flash Policy Server has been updated to version 1.4 which adds the ability to view the full log from the menu. The logging has been changed to show the same information in a more compact way.

VADV32 v4.0 is now available! This release has many improvements and fixes. It is highly recommended that all SysOps upgrade to this version using the installer. The installer contains the latest version of Netfoss which is essential for certain functionality to be enabled within VADV32.

Also released today: VSMTP32 v2.5, V32Update v2.4, VCleanDB v2.1, VMail v1.6, VRSS v1.8 and VTIC v1.7.

The first release of my Flash Policy Server is available in the utility download section. This server will respond to policy queries from flash based applications.

Released VTIC v1.7 which fixes a possible problem when comparing the CRC values.

VADV-PHP v1.0.081229 has been released with bug fixes. No further work will be done to version one except for security fixes.

VCleanDB v2.0 has been released. It has been changed into a console application. A new parameter will compact database files for better speed.

VADV32 v3.11.080824 has been released to fix a major bug that causes database corruption. This bug was also in VCleanDB.

Released a new utility today: VAged v1.0. It will scan your message bases and remove messages older than a specified number of days.

VADV32 v3.11 was released today. It will generate its own registration files as it sees the need.

VSMTP32 v2.4.080806 was also released to fix an issue with the spamtrap.

VADV32 v3.10, VSMTP32 v2.4, VFileSyn v2.4 and V32Update v2.3 has been released.

VFileSyn v2.3 has been released. It adds support for a new VFILES.BBS format, and can generate 00index.txt files for FTP usage.

VADV-PHP v1.0.080123 has officially been released. The databases have been fixed to work with non-alpha topic identifiers.

VADV32 v3.8.080122 has been released. This is a major update. Many new features have been added as well as some bug fixes. Node handling has been completely revamped for better efficiency.

VSMTP32 v2.3.080122 has been released with a few minor changes to bring it inline with VADV32.

V32 Update v2.2.080122 has been released with added support for the future project: VMB port.

VMail v1.4 has been released with a few changes.

VFileSyn v2.1 has been released with major changes to resolve errors while adding files.

VADV32 v3.7.071220 has been released. This is a major update and is recommended that everyone upgrade. There are numerous added features and fixes in this build. View the history for a complete listing.

VSMTP32 v2.3.071220 has been released with a few minor enhancements to bring it inline with VADV32. Several issues have been resolved as well.

V32 Update v2.1.071220 has been released with added support for the future project: VPOP32.

VMail v1.3 was updated to fix the message number bug.

VADV-PHP v1.0.071220 has officially been released. It includes all of this year's fixes.

VPost v1.6, VTIC v1.5, VUpload v1.5 and VRSS v1.6 were released today to fix an important system message number bug.

VPost v1.5, VTIC v1.4 and VUpload v1.4 were released to fix an important message pointer bug.

VCleanDB v1.7 was also released to be able to fix message databases that have the message pointer bug.

VFileSyn v1.8 has been released today. It contains fixes related to DIZ importing as well as some minor interface tweaks.

VMail v1.3 has been released with many new features. User editing has been added, improved macro editing, tagline support and interface fixes.

An update to VCleanDB was released today to fix an issue with the /DELFILES parameter.

It has been a few months but there are a few releases today.

VADV32 v3.6 now includes a language editor, will do a daily diagnostic scan and will display new statistics. Netfoss has been updated to v1.0.

An update to VMail v1.2 to fix a few issues is available.

VCleanDB v1.5 changes how superclean is performed and will backup the user database before modifying it.

VTIC v1.3 resolves an issue with the command line parameters which caused an issue with network tossing.

Several releases today. VADV32 v3.5, VSMTP32 v2.2, and VCleanDB v1.4.

VADV32 v3.4 and VMail v1.2 have been released. VADV32 contains many new options as well as a few fixes. VMail now has a mail forwarding feature and has several bugs fixed from previous versions. View thier history.txt for a list of changes.

A lot of releases today: VADV32 v3.3, VSMTP32 v2.1, V32Update v2.0, VFileSyn v1.7 and VTIC v1.1.

I have three releases today: VTIC v1.0, VPost 1.4 and VUpload v1.3. VTIC is a new port of the old DOS utility. I have fixed several issues that caused it to not work properly. VPost and VUpload have been rewritten as 32-bit console applications to allow easier updating in the future. Be sure to read the docs for all three programs since the command line parameters have changed.

Thanks to Tim and Roger for the input and testing of these programs.

Updates to V32Update and to VCleanDB have been released. V32Update has been updated for VTIC and will also recognize future unknown updates that I may have. VCleanDB was updated to fix a problem with the DELFILES parameter.

I have released another FIDOnet Nodelist Viewer version today (v1.2). You can now choose to have the station name listed in the tree to help search the list. Also added is the ability to have the last nodelist open automatically when the program is launched. A few issues were fixed and some cosmetic changes.

The FIDOnet Nodelist Viewer has been updated to version 1.1 today. It contains a new interface which is now resizable.

Happy New Year!

To start this year off, I have released a new VADV-PHP version. This adds a few new features and fixes some issues that were found while working on version 2.0.

ZEUpdate v1.1.061218 has been released today. This update allows you to configure the timeout value for the domain updating process. The default timeout has been increased to help prevent no response errors. Minor fixes and some additional error handling was added. You can download it from the utility download page.

VSMTP32 v2.0.061206 has been released. It has undergone a lot of internal changes to make it more efficient, more compliant and more robust. It allows advanced configuration of the variables used when receiving and sending mail, such as the timers. SpamAssassin support has been redone and it is extremely easy to add SpamAssassin processing to your setup (view online documentation). Client authentication methods have been rewritten and it now supports CRAM-MD5 and APOP (for POP3 before SMTP). SMTP extensions support has been added which can be expanded later. Logging has been improved.

This is a highly recommended upgrade.

VRSS v1.5.061206 has also been released to fix an issue in the special character conversion process.

Many releases today. VADV32 has been updated to version 3.2.061118 which brings a lot of new functionality to the program. A new dashboard mode lets you monitor the BBS without taking up a lot of deskspace. New statistics let you see how your BBS is doing.

VCleanDB v1.1.061118 is a maintenance release to bring it in sync with new VADV32 features.

VMail v1.1.061118 adds sorting to the address book for easier viewing.

VSMTP32 v1.5.061118 and VIRC32 v1.2.061118 both have been updated to sync with new VADV32 features.

VADV32 v3.1.061024 was released today along with VMAIL v1.1.061024. VADV32 has had a few new options added such as archive configuration, WAV files at logon or logoff, and the ability to turn off node file checking. Netfoss has been updated to v0.9.6. The installer will allow VADV32 to run under Windows Vista.

VFileSyn v1.5.061024 has been released with an interface change to prevent accidental errors and faster execution.

VRSS v1.4.061024 has been released with minor changes.

VSMTP32 v1.5.061018 was released today. This release contains many new features and fixes. See the history.txt for a complete listing. This is considered a major release and is recommended that earlier versions be upgraded.

This also marks the first V32 program that has been tested for Windows Vista.

VADV32 v3.0.060918 was released today. The main change was the inclusion of Netfoss 0.9.5 to replace the buggy 0.9.4 version. There is a new feature in VADV32 that will let you block multiple connections from the same IP address.

VFileSyn v1.4 has also been released. It will now scan for file_id.diz or desc.sdi files when looking for a file description. It will also extract the ID3 information from MP3 files to use as a description. You can also setup in ARCS.CFG custom batch files to be executed on specified file types. If you do upgrade, be aware the the command line parameters have been changed some. You can view the changes in vfilesyn.txt or view the help by executing "vfilesyn.exe /?" from the command line.

I put up a new package of VADV32 since there was a bug in the installer script that prevented the uninstaller from working. Only the setup.exe was updated - all builds are the same from the previous release.

A few more maintenance releases today: VSMTP32 and VIRC32.

I have released ZEUpdate v1.0 today. This is a free program to automatically update your IP address for ZoneEdit's dynamic DNS service. You can download this from the utility download section.

A few maintenance releases were issued today: VADV32, VCleanDB, VMail and V32Update.

VADV32 v3.0 is released! This package includes VADV32, VMail and a new VCleanDB. VADV32 has had a few bug fixes as well as some enhancements. VMail is an external email reader for the SysOp. The new VCleanDB is a drop in replacement for the DOS utility. This new version will run extremely fast and has some needed enhancements due to the progress of VADV.

It is HIGHLY recommended that anyone upgrading to version 3.0 use the installation package!

VSMTP32 v1.4 has also been released. This contains a couple of bug fixes as well as some new enhancements.

A new version of V32Update has been released as well which features a refreshed interface and a few fixes. It will also handle any future program releases.

VFileSyn v1.3 has been released to fix a bug that was preventing file_id.diz descriptions from being imported some of the time.

VSMTP32 v1.3 has been released along with an update for the V32Updater. This version has a few important fixes as well as a new feature to exempt certain user accounts from the filters.

VADV32 v2.7 has been released. Due to a lot of feedback, this version contains many improvements and added features. There are also several important bug fixes.

A update to VADV32 v2.6 was released to fix a few minor issues.

VADV32 v2.6 is released today. This is a major release with many new features and bug fixes. It is recommended that you upgrade to this version.

I wrote a small Windows program that is useful for testing client applications during development. I named it Server Emulator and it is now available for download on the utilities page.

Due to daylight savings, a bug in the time zone routine was found. Since this routine is shared, there are new versions of just about every program.

An updated version of VSMTP32 is released. This version can allow "pass-thru" accounts - special accounts that do not have to be validated before accepting incoming email.

VPOST v1.2 has also been released to fix a problem getting the current day of the week.

VADV32 v2.5 has been released. This is a maintenance release which fixes a few issues and tweaks the user interface in places.

A new official release of VADV-PHP is available. It has been a long time since the last release. This version contains many fixes and it is highly recommended that you upgrade.

VRSS v1.2 has been released. This fixes an error that is caused by invalid XML. This should also resolve the runtime error 5.

VADV32 v2.4 has been released. This new version contains some minor fixes and improvements. It does contain one important fix regarding telnet negotiation.

VSMTP32 v1.2 has also been released. Two important fixes are included as well as a few new features.

Updates to VFileSyn and VRSS have been released.

An update to VSMTP32 that fixes a major bug that causes the program to crash if the connection is terminated during a relay db lookup.

Updates to VADV32, VSMTP32 and VIRC32 were released today. VADV32 received a few minor bug fixes. VSMTP32 now has FREQ capabilities and a few bug fixes. The new VIRC32 release resolves a few compability problems as well as adding an easier to read format to the program.

VRSS v1.0 was released today. It is a RSS feed importer for your BBS. You tell it which RSS feeds you want and it will create VADV databases so your users can read the latest headlines. Download it from the utilities page.

VFileSyn v1.0 was released today. It will synchronize your file databases with the actual directories. If files are missing, it will remove them from the database and if new files are found it will add them to the database. It also will add your ZIP comment to the archives as well as extract the description from file_id.diz. You can run it on a schedule to ensure your file areas are always up to date. Download it from the utilities page.

All V32 programs have been updated to use unified code to help eliminate any problems between programs.

Another VSMTP32 update was put up today to resolve an issue with mail forwarding.

An update to VSMTP32 was released to fix a bug that was preventing it from adding users to the handles.uip file as needed.

Released the FIDOnet Nodelist Viewer today. It is a simple application that allows you to load in a FIDOnet type nodelist and then view the information in a easy manner. It also allows various types of searches to be performed.

VADV32 v2.3, VSMTP32 v1.0 and VIRC32 v1.0 have been released today.

VADV32 version 2.3 is a minor update which adds compatibility with the other V32 applications, updated forms and fixes a few minor problems.

VSMTP32 version 1.0 is a RFC compliant SMTP server designed specifically for Virtual Advanced. It allows you to add Internet email functionality to your BBS without any complicated processes.

VIRC32 version 1.0 allows your users to connect to IRC servers around the world and communicate with other people. Works with the standard teleconference program. No setup required.

All current V32 websites have been relocated and merged into the website.

VADV32 version 2.2 has been released. A major upgrade! This release contains an extensive set of configuration utilities for your BBS, such as all of VConfig plus others that are not included in VConfig. Setting up your BBS has never been easier. The user editor has been rewritten for easier usage and to allow you to add and delete users. A new function block editor allows you to add, delete and edit your BBS function blocks without dropping to DOS. Many code changes were made for faster execution and better error handling.

VADV32 now contains a feature to automatically notify you of available updates. Simply set it to the type of release you want to monitor and VADV32 will do the rest. If an update is available, then it will notify you and provide a direct link to download the file.

If you are running any prior version, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to this release.

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