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Below are the available ported applications for download. Some of these applications may be included with other products.

To download the files, please right click the download link and choose "Save Target As..."

VCleanDB x.x.160505

VCleanDB packs the VADV databases and is normally ran each night. This port executes much faster and also performs user database maintenance.

 Updated: 05-05-16  (80KB)  History
 MD5: 126f3687e2c291027e792c979cdf5a80

VTIC x.x.160919

VTIC is the VADV TIC processor. It has been ported to 32bit and is now compatible with Windows Vista. This port has also resolved the problem with importing files into the databases.

Download VTIC.EXE
 Updated: 09-19-16  (71KB)  History
 MD5: e3e04ba0909723fa2a1b1c3950854f9f

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