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Below are the available utilities for download.

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DailyUpdate v1.0

This program is needed when VADV's node 1 is not used for nightly maintenance. It simply updates the dailydate in main.cfg to the current date. Includes source code.

Note: This is not needed if running VADV32.

Download DAYUPD10.ZIP
 Updated: 09-07-05  (19KB)
 MD5: 6d2090445db5cdc4c50a2d8adaa7181b

Development Emulators v1.1

This contains two utilities to help test socket applications while in the development process. Includes client emulator and server emulator. Requires MS Windows.

Download DevelopmentEmulators_11.ZIP
 File: DevelopmentEmulators_11.ZIP
 Updated: 05-11-15  (1.63MB)
 MD5: bdeda8437fdfcd32b2367b3eafb62c95

FIDOnet Nodelist Viewer v1.4

View FIDOnet type nodelists with ease with this nodelist viewer. Also supports different types of searches. Requires MS Windows.

Download FNV_14.ZIP
 File: FNV_14.ZIP
 Updated: 01-01-10  (1.52MB)
 MD5: 4ea793b4eb1c47e3eca803d89a170329

Flash Policy Server v1.4

This program will respond to requests for a policy file from flash programs. Works with FlashTerm, fTelnet and other flash socket applications. Requires MS Windows.

Download PolicyServer_14.ZIP
 File: PolicyServer_14.ZIP
 Updated: 01-01-10  (1.52MB)
 MD5: c9e68584abdd0d1fbaf70a33a4fe28a1

VAged v1.1

This utility will remove messages that are older than a specified age. Useful for cleaning message areas of old messages. Requires MS Windows.

Download VAGED11.ZIP
 File: VAGED11.ZIP
 Updated: 06-28-13  (1.51MB)
 MD5: 00b16b77f5fc04da25109c47bfc5f65f

VChgDrop v1.3

This utility will convert all dropfiles to use the user's real name instead of their handle. This should be used with any InterBBS game. Requires MS Windows.

Download VCDROP13.ZIP
 Updated: 12-09-07  (1.51MB)
 MD5: 466f19654cc331922439c07ddb985ccd

VFileSyn v2.7

Synchronize your file areas with the actual file directories to make sure they are always up to date. This utility can be setup on a schedule as well. Requires MS Windows.

Download VFSYN_27.ZIP
 File: VFSYN_27.ZIP
 Updated: 06-28-13  (1.55MB)
 MD5: 7b5eb87865aa1fb78cad95721daf224b

VFinger v1.0

This is a RFC compliant finger daemon for Virtual Advanced. Requires MS Windows.

Download VFinger_10.ZIP
 File: VFinger_10.ZIP
 Updated: 10-06-14  (1.53MB)
 MD5: 9fe6037c3654e3cd452a6ee8f897d74f

VPost v1.9

This Virtual Advanced utility allows you to post a local text file into your message database from a command prompt. Requires MS Windows.

Download VPOST19.ZIP
 File: VPOST19.ZIP
 Updated: 06-28-13  (1.51MB)
 MD5: ad1e4fb16fd46616d847d5d930be4eb4

VPurge v1.1

This Virtual Advanced utility allows you to delete users automatically based on various attributes. Requires MS Windows.

Download VPURGE11.ZIP
 Updated: 06-28-13  (1.52MB)
 MD5: fb3ace55e681515846440b7b1a1bbd27

VRSS v2.1

Let your users read the latest headlines from various websites via RSS. Easy to configure new feeds and can be setup to update automatically. Requires MS Windows.

Download VRSS_21.ZIP
 File: VRSS_21.ZIP
 Updated: 05-28-18  (1.54MB)
 MD5: fa289f9ed4ed706453469e08e2f38091

VTimeZone v1.1

This Virtual Advanced utility will automatically update the timezone entry in VConfig when scheduled.

Note: This utility is not needed if you are running VADV32 v2.3 or higher.

Download VTZONE11.ZIP
 Updated: 02-14-07  (32KB)
 MD5: 58bf480b5f031369a87684742fc163d6

VUpload v1.7

This Virtual Advanced utility allows you to upload a local file to the file database from a command prompt. Requires MS Windows.

Download VUPLD17.ZIP
 File: VUPLD17.ZIP
 Updated: 06-28-13  (1.51MB)
 MD5: 8175e2e4cf5ecb987844a9da3d65096a

ZEUpdate v1.1

A free IP updater for ZoneEdit's dynamic DNS service. Requires MS Windows.

Download ZEUpdate_11.ZIP
 File: ZEUpdate_11.ZIP
 Updated: 06-19-09  (1.51MB)
 MD5: 52da3528361c229da5dd3bdba650fb3f

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