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VADV32 - Your Virtual Advanced Connection

What is VADV32?
The Virtual Advanced BBS software was designed to communicate through a COM port, a Digiboard setup, or a FOSSIL driver. It was never designed to work with telnet. That is where VADV32 comes in. It is the nexus between the Internet and Virtual Advanced.

VADV32 not only is a telnet server, it also extends the capabilities of the DOS portion of the software. It allows the BBS to retrieve information such as IP address, hostname, and socket handle. The interface was written around Virtual Advanced to give the SysOp a familiar feel of the WFC screen. Important information is easily accessible and the BBS settings are easily changeable right in the VADV32 environment.

Also included with VADV32:

  • VCleanDB - A new Win32 version of the DOS utility that comes with VADV. It does more cleaning and executes much faster.
  • VMail - An external email reader for the SysOp.
  • VTIC - A new Win32 version of the DOS TIC processer that is compatible with Vista.

VADV32 uses Netfoss as its telnet fossil driver. It is what connects the DOS BBS to the Windows sockets to transfer data. You can learn more about this or check for the latest versions at the Netfoss website.

Latest Version
  • Current Release (6.0.201121)
  • Telnet front-end for Virtual Advanced.
  • Works with 32-bit Windows 2000 and above.
  • Interface is designed for a familiar WFC screen feel and look.
  • Easy installation package.
  • Once touch node setup. No need to manually edit each node!
  • Configure VADV without dropping into DOS.
  • Dashboard mode.
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