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Energize your Virtual Advanced BBS!
Get the latest version of VADV32 here!

If you are planning to upgrade an earlier version, please read the readme.txt file that is included with the installation package. It will contain important upgrade information. After upgrading, be sure to always check your VADV32 configuration.

To download the files, please right click the download link and choose "Save Target As..."

Current Installation Package (6.0.201121)

Download here the current official release. An official release has been tested and proven to be stable for production sites. It is usually recommended though that you use the most current beta version above (if available) since it contains the latest fixes and/or features.

Download VADV32_6.0.201121.ZIP
 File: VADV32_6.0.201121.ZIP
 Updated: 11-21-20  (3.06MB)  History
 MD5: b07577ae7dee55f5a9fe3ee299348b3a

Release Archive

The release archive contains the latest build, all available beta releases and all of the official releases. If you are looking for either the most current version or a package from the past, this is the place to go.

Enter the release archive.

Release Information

Latest Build - This is the most current build of VADV32. You simply copy it over your existing executable to upgrade. This release could have problems, but contains the absolute latest features and fixes.

Beta Releases - Code sent out to testers for feedback. Minor problems are possible as well as cosmetic glitches. The recommended release to use.

Official Releases - Tested code with minimal amount of bugs. These releases could be months behind the beta release.

You can find the beta releases and official releases in the release archive.

System Requirements

Requirements of VADV32 include:

  • Virtual Advanced v2.10 for DOS
  • Windows 2000 or above.
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