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What is the VADV-PHP Project?
VADV-PHP is a web front-end written in PHP to allow your users to access your BBS from their web browser.

Originally designed as a development kit for others to use to write web applications for their BBSs, VADV-PHP has grown over the years into a set of scripts that not only enhances your BBS but could replace the ANSI portion completely.

PHP is a leading server side scripting language used on the web. It is very easy to learn but fast and powerful. Using the already written functions that interact with your VADV BBS, you can quickly write new applications for your BBS.

All it takes to setup VADV-PHP is a Virtual Advanced BBS and a web server that has PHP installed. Installation is simply extracting the package into a directory and configuring the path to your BBS installation. All further configuration can be performed using the easy-to-use web utilities!

Latest Version
  • Current Release (2.1.160505)
  • View image thumbnails in the file section.
  • Client side encryption helps secure passwords.
  • Improved WAP support for mobile devices. Login, then read or send email.
  • Action support. When viewing who's online you can see what other users are currently doing - just like on the BBS.
  • Enhanced email section. Sent emails are now saved for future reference.
  • VADV voting booth support.
Release History

You Can Help!

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Stay up-to-date with the project and even run a few of the VADV-PHP applications by pointing your web-enabled mobile device to:!

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