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VADV-PHP Support
If you have any questions or need assistance, contact me.
Also visit the VADV-PHP support forum.

What are the requirements to run VADV-PHP?

To use the VADV-PHP scripts, you need the following:

  • Virtual Advanced v2.1 for DOS or OS/2. The BBS software must be installed and setup correctly. Visit the VADV support page to download VADV.

  • A web server (www daemon) with PHP installed. The server software doesn't matter as long as it works with PHP. Visit PHP.NET to download the latest version of PHP.

    VADV-PHP v1.0 requires PHP v4.2 or later.
    VADV-PHP v1.5 requires PHP v5.1.2 or later.

  • The VADV-PHP scripts must have access to the BBS files either directly or through a network.

Please note that all current testing has been done under Win32 systems. No testing under a *NIX system has been performed and it is unknown how VADV-PHP will react to such a setup.

What versions of PHP will work with VADV-PHP?

VADV-PHP v1.0 requires PHP v4.2 or later.
VADV-PHP v1.5 requires PHP v5.1.2 or later.

Will VADV-PHP run under Linux?

VADV-PHP was developed to run only under a Win32 environment. Through emulators, you might get it to work, but it is unknown. If you do manage to get it to work, then please send me an email.

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VADV-PHP Functions

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