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VADV-PHP Features

The BBS Web Front-end
The VADV-PHP Project is a set of applications written in PHP to give your Virtual Advanced BBS a web front-end. Your users can access certain areas of your BBS by using their web browser, which is more convenient for most people and it is easier for new users to navigate.

A Development Package

Not just a web front-end - VADV-PHP also includes many custom functions that can be included in your scripts. Extracting data from the BBS has been made super simple now with pre-written functions to get any information you may need that is contained in the BBS's configuration files.

If you are looking to develop an application for Virtual Advanced in another programming language, I have documented the configuration files so you know where the data you want is stored. The documentation for these files is available on the download page.

Current Features
As development continues, this list will grow. It is not a comprehensive listing, but it covers most of the major features.
  • Configuration Script - Now included is an early version of the VADV-PHP VConfig utility which will allow you to change your BBS's configuration using your web browser from anywhere.
  • Email All Users - The SysOp is able to email to all users, or to groups of users based on security levels or access flags.
  • Email Functions - Registered users can send and receive email using the web interface. File attachments can be sent and received.
  • File Browsing and Downloading - Based on the user's attributes, they can view all available files in your BBS's file area and download the files.
  • File Uploading - Users can upload files to the file area. It is handled just like the BBS. If you enable secure uploads, then uploaded files must be reviewed by the SysOp before appearing in the databases.
  • Guest Access - Unregistered web users are logged in as a guest, which gets attributes that you designate, preventing them from areas you don't want them to see.
  • Message Forums - Based on the user's attributes (security level, access flags, and age), your users can read and/or post to the BBS's message subs.
  • Post-It! Network - If you have this AT2k script (v2.0 or higher) installed on your BBS, then you can now let your users view the current posts online too!
  • RSS Support - Users can keep up with message posts and file uploads by using a standard RSS client.
  • Searching - You can search the file and message areas by author, recipient, subject, message and filename as well as specify the time period to scan.
  • System Notices - Display system notices if the BBS is using System News.
  • System Statistics - View the BBS statistics and information. Formatted like the BBS's system information, but contains more.
  • Today's Callers - Web users can view the users who have called your BBS today.
  • User Creation - New users will be able to create an account from the web interface which can be used also on the BBS.
  • User Editing - Allow the SysOp to edit user information and statistics.
  • User Information and Editing - Users will be able to edit their personal information as well as get statistics based on their account.
  • User List - View the complete list of users on the BBS. As the SysOp, you get even more options.
  • User Logins - Users that have an account with the BBS may login now! By logging in, they receive the same level of access that they possess on the BBS. VADV-PHP can remember the user's login for the next visit.
  • Voting Booth - Users can respond to polls created by the SysOp!
  • WAP Support - With a web-enabled mobile device, you can access your account, read email, send email, view who's online and today's callers.
  • Who's Online - Web users can view who is currently logged into your BBS.
Latest Version
  • Current Release (2.1.160505)
  • View image thumbnails in the file section.
  • Client side encryption helps secure passwords.
  • Improved WAP support for mobile devices. Login, then read or send email.
  • Action support. When viewing who's online you can see what other users are currently doing - just like on the BBS.
  • Enhanced email section. Sent emails are now saved for future reference.
  • VADV voting booth support.
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