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Daily Snapshots - The most current files you can get. Each morning, the snapshot is compiled from the current revision from the subversion server. A snapshot might also be created if any changes were made to VADV-PHP. Note that the date and time shown below are of the most current file in the archive, not of when the snapshot was created.

VADV-PHP_Snapshot.ZIP  (0.97MB)  03-29-21
    MD5: a26d5129836611098e163a98c14d0fcd

Beta Releases - A beta release is a complete VADV-PHP archive that contains beta code that was sent out for testing. This code is now available for the general public to download and use.

No current beta releases are available for download.

Official Releases - You may download older releases of VADV-PHP below.

VADV-PHP_2.1.160505.ZIP  (0.97MB)
    MD5: 239a0864f9211cc6d7c797095af20b28
VADV-PHP_2.0.120327.ZIP  (1.29MB)
    MD5: 2e1f8e48d3a6db1a65024ed0533dd82a
VADV-PHP_1.0.081229.ZIP  (429KB)
    MD5: 331a64824fb3dff5788831ca1584a3d4
VADV-PHP_1.0.080123.ZIP  (345KB)
    MD5: cde413e2847ad0441df2e54e7c0399ab
VADV-PHP_1.0.071220.ZIP  (345KB)
    MD5: 72b3649d6acfe7f5e0aa3460b2b7abaf
VADV-PHP_1.0.070103.ZIP  (341KB)
    MD5: 8a76171d375edaccda1f902f4c3a5024
VADV-PHP_1.0.060721.ZIP  (338KB)
    MD5: f9f6a1db56a96a100e82409adc17fc42
VADV-PHP_1.0.060131.ZIP  (332KB)
    MD5: 299633f9d9bca39d4acb41be3e203a5a
VADV-PHP_1.0.050428.ZIP  (332KB)
    MD5: ad8c49700f503ac48caefaaac36152f4
VADV-PHP_1.0.050101.ZIP  (327KB)
    MD5: c81fe94fd555d934a41bc2b66ac0bced
VADV-PHP_1.0.041228.ZIP  (326KB)
    MD5: 2778cc9fea525994f3486e08855b0e3d
VADV-PHP_1.0.041108.ZIP  (291KB)
    MD5: 29f018d8b5f13f51c501bbe47f544be9
VADV-PHP_1.0.040601.ZIP  (214KB)
    MD5: 3479fd43e305a0e0c59093ee6c69d991
VADV-PHP_1.0.040512.ZIP  (212KB)
    MD5: a3b3b4dd0898dfb47b7ebb7169aef93b
VADV-PHP_1.0.040508.ZIP  (211KB)
    MD5: c460ade16e7f25e87c418634119a9dbf
VADV-PHP_1.0.031129.ZIP  (186KB)
    MD5: 5200f101a6c657e1fd76be4d77980766
VADV-PHP_1.0.030723.ZIP  (176KB)
    MD5: 63f925d9880fd943a8d1e479c0c89c76
VADV-PHP_1.0.030603.ZIP  (161KB)
    MD5: 1137a781d79dfadb3cd223d83f4312ef
VADV-PHP_1.0.030529.ZIP  (153KB)
    MD5: c76685d6f1b68da6815df6c6b8baade3
VADV-PHP_1.0.030510.ZIP  (150KB)
    MD5: ec24f63557ebde01faa46d142dd48dda
VADV-PHP_1.0.030424.ZIP  (131KB)
    MD5: 85acda1561f21f7f60c32b5e6a2c76a2
VADV-PHP_1.0.030408.ZIP  (128KB)
    MD5: 5b3192fb77cdeb02fd1d3c45cad87816
VADV-PHP_1.0.030325.ZIP  (110KB)
    MD5: e40bb1f7a3a3e90504ff2d86518c5177
VADV-PHP_1.0.030220.ZIP  (95KB)
    MD5: 39c3d741267dc34da8339bbe76351b48
VADV-PHP_1.0.030131.ZIP  (94KB)
    MD5: 047ed4d71f90ee55223c4fbd0c176aa7
VADV-PHP_1.0.030111.ZIP  (67KB)
    MD5: 32c67b67f8521a3e7037463eab4b416f
VADV-PHP_1.0.030106.ZIP  (56KB)
    MD5: 6aa7601fe2b06e5bc8fac34cd1234799
VADV-PHP_1.0.030101.ZIP  (52KB)
    MD5: 3d6db49903e564b46f151aeaa0767bbd
VADV-PHP_1.0.021220.ZIP  (38KB)
    MD5: 78a3517ee2fb1b60c4a746c8d3142f5a
VADV-PHP_1.0.021219.ZIP  (38KB)
    MD5: 3104787ad576687b85b6b2f141a0c2d1
VADV-PHP_1.0.021207.ZIP  (25KB)
    MD5: 6eaa88864d9b93c4e1b3a6e4bd7d0e04
VADV-PHP_1.0.021205.ZIP  (20KB)
    MD5: ea2b6736da0dda56f068f3554b111a0b

Release Information

Daily Snapshot - Updated each day with the latest source code. Could have problems, but contains the absolute latest features and fixes.

Beta Releases - Code sent out to testers for feedback. Minor problems are possible as well as cosmetic glitches. The recommended release to use.

Official Releases - Tested code with minimal amount of bugs. These releases could be months behind the beta release.

VADV-PHP History

View the complete version history of VADV-PHP, including the most up-to-date changes.

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VADV-PHP Functions

Take a look at the complete listing of functions available with VADV-PHP to create your own applications.

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