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Virtual Advanced Downloads

Get the software to start your own BBS!

If you are looking to setup a BBS then this is a good place to start. Below you will find the Virtual Advanced package for DOS and OS/2 as well as the VISK utilities.

To download the files, please right click the download link and choose "Save Target As..."

Virtual Advanced v2.10 (Windows Installer)

This is the DOS version of Virtual Advanced. This package contains a Windows installer for easy installation.

It is recommended that you use this package.

Download VA210W32.ZIP
 File: VA210W32.ZIP
 Updated: 05-08-21  (0.96MB)
 MD5: 9b22a47a26173618e8bfb626f249e38d

Virtual Advanced v2.10 for DOS

This is the original DOS installation package for Virtual Advanced.

Download VA210_U1.ZIP
 File: VA210_U1.ZIP
 Updated: 05-03-16  (1.31MB)
 MD5: e622d42d2e1763964e2aae9c1be5a6c3

Virtual Advanced v2.10 for OS/2

This is the original OS/2 installation package for Virtual Advanced.

Download VA210-O2.ZIP
 File: VA210-O2.ZIP
 Updated: 02-22-05  (1.37MB)
 MD5: ee2aef0657d04c4b22b9a1192e5a1181

Virtual Internet Survivor Kit v1.30

This is the Virtual Internet Survivor Kit (VISK) for Windows. This contains many applications to make your BBS functional on the Internet. Please note that some of these utilities only work with Win95 and others have been replaced by products displayed on this website.

Download VISK130.ZIP
 File: VISK130.ZIP
 Updated: 02-22-05  (401KB)
 MD5: 66a3e31b8fdc9b0d51e87758c5a9736f

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System Requirements

Requirements of Virtual Advanced include:

  • MS-DOS v5.0 or above.
  • Recommended: Windows 2000 or above. If running under Windows Vista, SP1 is required.
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