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Virtual Advanced Features

General Features

  • Extremely easy setup.
  • Multi-node support for up to 9,999 users online available (SHAREWARE version supports up to 4 users online).
  • Easy to learn VSCRIPT script language programming and modifying.
  • Built in ANSI Full Screen Editor (w/ 36+ text color choices).
  • Survey and Voting system.
  • Multi-user Teleconferencing with port status, paging and separate "rooms". Virtual Advanced also contains IRC capabilities.
  • Easy to set up Games and other external online programs (nearly unlimited presentation options).
  • User defined macros (32,767 lines per macro).
  • Built in user time bank.
  • System bulletins and text files allowed across drives.
  • Autopost/ Random messages (up to 3 lines).
  • User phone charge accounting system.
  • Supports optional use of FOSSIL driver.
  • ASCII, ANSI, and Enhanced ANSI operation with Pull Down Menus. Also contains RIP support and VWE menus (for the separate client).
  • Auto-callback account verification and reverse call capability.
  • Message bases and file areas can be either "Flat" or "Layered" arrangements.
  • Online Hypertext help system.
  • Built-in Online User Test/Quiz system.

Networking Features

  • Supports up to 999 networks completely transparently at any one time (including VirtualNET, FidoNet, UUCP (Internet), WWIV based, QWK format, and VRIME).
  • Allows Internet feeds with additional mailers, such as Argus or Internet Rex.

Internet Features (Virtual Advanced w/ VISK Utilities)

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Client. This utility will Send Internet Email out from the BBS.
  • POP3 (Post Office Protocol Ver 3) Client. This utility will Receive Internet Email and then redirect it to the appropriate users.
  • NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) Client. This utility will Retrieve Internet Newsgroup articles and also allow you to Post to the Internet Newsgroups. Newsgroups are SysOp defined.
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) can be added to the Teleconference area.
  • WebDL (Web Download Software) Client. This utility will download files from any Internet website.
  • Web Server Software will make your computer a Host Site on the WWW.
  • Finger Server Software will make your computer capable of Responding to User Information Requests.
  • MakeWWW Utility automatically creates HTML pages using data in the VADV File Area Databases.
  • MakeHTML Utility automatically creates HTML pages using data from and ASCII Text File.

Message Features

  • Built in QWK door for Offline Readers.
  • Prepared text uploads in email & messaging (even from inside of the editor).
  • Easy to use quoting feature in email and messaging (Configurable Quoter).
  • Configurable New Message scans.
  • Save to ASCII/ ANSI text any public or private message.
  • Form letters.
  • Unlimited number of message subs, file directories, games and other databases.
  • Full messaging and file search functions.
  • Efficient binary storage of messages and all system text.
  • Mail forwarding (even across multiple networks, and multiple types).
  • Read and write Email from WFC (Waiting For Caller screen).
  • Multi-Mail Mailing lists (up to 9 lists).
  • Multi-Network Carbon Copies.
  • Definable Moderator (SubOp) fields for message and file bases.
  • ANSI Taglines (optionally random).

File Area Features

  • X, Y, Zmodem, Zmodem Batch and HS-Link downloads and uploads (BBS & Network). Other protocols can be added.
  • Automatically adds Archive comments to uploads, such as .DIZ descriptions.
  • Files attached to Email local and Network.
  • Automated offline file requesting.
  • Automated Networked File requesting (networked feature).
  • Full CD-Rom or WORM capable databases.
  • SysOp security uploads.
  • Uses full advantage of DSZ for upload and log info.

SysOp Features

  • Built in daily clean-up.
  • Optional System activity display at logon.
  • Fast Login from console.
  • Configurable WFC Screen blanking.
  • Assignable function key Control Panel at WFC.
  • Highly informational and customizable WFC.COM screen. use THEDRAW to customize. Only available with VBBS.
  • Runs as a door in whole OR in components from nearly any other BBS program.
  • Extensive log information.
  • Enhanced and definable Sysop functions.
  • Split Screen Chat.
  • "Pseudo" Dos (allows sysop to perform Dos functions w/ user online).

Miscellaneous Features

  • Unsurpassed menuing and BBS presentation options.
  • VString Utility will allow you to change ANY prompt of the BBS.
  • Up to 20 separate timed events per day (or put multiple in a batch file).
  • 36+ user definable ANSI screen colors (including background color).
  • File archive viewing.
  • Access coding throughout.
  • Unique Dual purpose (ANSI color and ASCII) menuing system.
  • Pull down menus (PDM) configurable.
  • Macro capable Networking software included.
  • Built in ANSI/ RIP Auto detect.
  • Built in BBS Diagnostics.
  • Definable Function Blocks for totally configurable hot key menus.
  • STACKed menu functioning capable (Up to 999,999 menus stacked upon 1).
  • Configurable Auto validation of SysOps.
  • Multiple SysOp/ Co-SysOp feedback.
  • Handles/ Real Names/ Anon toggle for each messaging sub and file uploads.

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